ACAI Scaling Partners Trained on Measuring Farmer Level Results

ACAI Scaling Partners Trained on Measuring Farmer Level Results

Participants at the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning and Dissemination in Benin City, Nigeria

ACAI held a two-day training with scaling partners in Nigeria on the systems developed by the project to monitor and measure farmers’ level results (farmers reached with the DSTs, farmers who understand the DSTs, farmers who use the DSTs, farmers who changed their practices to the DSTs recommendation, farmers who benefit from use of the DSTs recommendation) within the project

The training was facilitated by ACAI Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist Saburi Adekunbi to create a common understanding of the ACAI results framework and data requirements to document the progress of the project within the partnership.

Chris Okoli, SG2000 Stete coordinator for Anambra State in Nigeria makes appoint at the MEL training in Benin City, Nigeria

Mr. Saburi said the training will be instrumental for the partners during the scaling and dissemination activities to collect and curate data. The training included sessions on data collection processes and introduction to a set of data collection tools.

ACAI Scaling Specialist Thompson Ogunsami led discussions on the integration of the ACAI monitoring and evaluation system with partner strategies on scaling, dissemination and measuring impact and how to integrate DSTs into grassroots events

ACAI has set up several tools for monitoring field activities and events using the open data kit (ODK) suite of tools and an in house developed Akilimo EA monitoring tool for data collection. The training was part of the process to enhance understanding of the tools for effective use to track the project critical path.

In attendance were representatives from NOTORE chemicals limited, Sasakawa Global 2000 (SG2000), National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI) Nigeria and the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta Nigeria.

Among the IITA entourage was ACAI coordinator for Nigeria Christine Kreye and the project communication specialist David Ngome from Nairobi.

The training is the first of the series of at least 2 other sessions to be held in South West Nigeria and in Tanzania in July.