AKILIMO partners

Primary development partners

These are technology partners from the public, private and non-governmental sectors who initiated the demand to address cassava agronomy needs in their delivery systems. The partners agreed to research packages (the use cases) and were part of the co-creation processes from the onset in engaging farmers in on-farm research, exposed to early prototypes of the tools, and were fully involved in testing subsequent versions of the tools to ensure acceptability, wider use, and uptake of AKILIMO.

Research partners

These are research and academic institutions who contributed to knowledge and to the design and conducting field trials, data collection from field trials, analysis of data from field trials, development of a prediction framework and packaging various prototypes of decision support tools (DSTs).

Scaling partners

These are business and industry leaders who have significant knowledge and experience in the cassava value chain, integrating AKILIMO in their network of operations and are assisting smallholder farmers to have access to basic agro-inputs and output markets.

Extension agents

These are field workers of public, private, and not for profit organisations who support dissemination of AKILIMO to cassava farmers across partner locations and also support the validation trials established with farmers in various fields to generate the required research data.

Extension workers use different dissemination approaches to engage farmers in the use of AKILIMO in cassava production


These are farmers in the scaling partners’ network, who participated in on-field trials to generate the required research data to develop and validate AKILIMO. As the end-users, they were involved in farmer-to-farmer dissemination of AKILIMO tools