What’s under the hood?

What is under the hood?

AKILIMO provides evidence-based agronomy solutions at scale addressing major agronomic decisions, applying state-of-the-art data analytics and optimising for profitability.
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Covers major agronomic decisions

AKILIMO provides advice to make smart decisions over major agronomic practises covering several aspects.

State-of-the-art data analytics

AKILIMO has modular data analytics implementing advanced statistics, mechanistic and empirical methods.

The modular design allows to work with the components independently to slice and plugin, update and improve and/or centralise and make generic as required.


Optimised for profitability

AKILIMO is optimised to provide recommendations that are most profitable.
Photo by TimSon Foox from Pexels

Evidence based

Validated by > 5000 smallholders


Calibrated using >50,000 yield measurements