Advisory tools

Our advisory tools

AKILIMO offers a wide range of advisory tools, have a look and learn about each of them below.
Provides site-specific fertilizer advice, recommendations for best planting practices, intercropping and/or planting and harvest schedules.
Printable guides and worksheets
The printable guides are a presentation of agronomic advice rooted in evidence, locally relevant knowledge, experience and scientific advances.
AKILIMO on the Arifu chatbot
Arifu’s omnichannel chatbot allows users to access AKILIMO advice for free on both smartphones and feature phones.
AKILIMO on the Viamo 321 service
AKILIMO has partnered with VIAMO to offer agronomy advice on VIAMO’s popular 321 service. Through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) channel.
AKILIMO recommendations API
Our API is free of charge and subject to our terms of use. Contact us to obtain a key to start using our API service today.
AKILIMO Maps and tables
These can be consulted interactively in our dashboard, and downloaded as a booklet for use in the field, alongside our printable guides and worksheets