Our impact today

Dissemination events

Upon validation of the performance of the AKILIMO recommendation in terms of yield benefits and net returns, the decision was taken to scale it out to wider farming communities in Nigeria and Tanzania. The scale-out of the validated AKILIMO recommendation was done through partners who integrated AKILIMO into their respective operational strategies and demonstrated their use at the grassroots level during dissemination events. These dissemination events include training sessions, demonstration fields, farmer field days, farmer sensitization meetings, video shows, media events, and agricultural shows. Through these dissemination events, farmers and other VC actors get an opportunity to understand the AKILIMO tools. A number of dissemination events have been organized in both Nigeria and Tanzania.

Extension agents trained

Extension agents play a significant role in disseminating agricultural innovations/technologies. In 2018 during the implementation of validation exercise to evaluate the performance of the AKILIMO tool, and upon the pre-launch of the AKILIMO tools and the introduction of dissemination activities in both Nigeria and Tanzania, Training-of-trainers (ToTs) were organized for each partner in the two countries to on technical contents of AKILIMO tools, and use of ODK for capturing the required data for monitoring of project results. Partners then organized step-down training sessions covering the necessary theoretical background on the AKILIMO tools, and hands-on exercises on the use of ODK and smartphones. A total of … extension agents have been trained in Nigeria and Tanzania as shown in the figure ….

Our user base

These are farmers, extension agents, and other beneficiaries who have been exposed to the service and/or recommendations generated by the AKILIMO tools through various dissemination events with scaling partners. We currently have a database that houses names, sex, and contact details of  400,000 direct beneficiaries of AKILIMO tools.

Use and uptake rates

Use – captures the actual use of the AKILIMO service and details on who, when, where, how and what recommendations are requested and received.

Uptake – captures the application of the recommendations in their field, modifying current practices based on the advice received.

Coverage, yield increase, total value

The ultimate benefits of AKILIMO are yield increase and increase in income. They capture the returns on investment from applying the recommendations in the field.