Monthly Archives - February 2018

ACAI in a Week: 2016 Trials Harvest

The IITA-ACAI project is in the harvest season for the 2016 cassava trials across several sites in both Nigeria and Tanzania. In Zanzibar, Dr Khatib Haji from ZARI, Pemba led his team in harvesting on station trials at Matangatuani for

ACAI In A Week: Field Monitoring

ACAI project activities in the field went characteristically a notch higher in respect to the expected seasonal weather changes. Nigeria is transitioning into its Harmattan season while Tanzania, the October rains are expected to create excitement around planting and set

Project Synergy Through Harmonized Activities

The African Cassava Agronomy Initiative, ACAI, project implementation in close collaboration with partners gives importance to the uniformity of project activities to harmonize the processes and the progress of the project, within the ACAI team and partners. Through regular trainings,

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