Meet the AKILIMO app

The AKILIMO smartphone app provides site-specific fertilizer advice, recommendations for best planting practices, intercropping and/or planting and harvest schedules.

The app provides yield predictions along with customized recommendations, optimizing investments in the cassava system to maximize net returns. generate recommendations. It provides recommendations directly on the smartphone, or via SMS or email.

The app collects minimal essential user data such as GPS location, land area and input and commodity prices in a stepwise manner and interacts with a prediction engine on the central AKILIMO server to give tailored agronomic advice.

Amazing Features

The AKILIMO app packs loads of several features that facilitate easy collection and receiving of agronomic advice.
Tailored advice
Based on the location indicated by user, the prediction engine is triggered to start the process of gathering available soil and weather data relevant to the location.
Optimized for profit
AKILIMO is not about yield increase but maximizing profit for farmers.

Factoring the type and cost of fertilizers available, cost of land preparation and weed control on one hand and estimated yield increase and crop price on the other, an economic optimizer searches for the fertilizer recommendations that will provide high return on investment.

Elegantly designed flow to collect prices and unit of sale with maximum flexibility to accommodate users’ experience.

Address several aspects of agronomy
AKILIMO provides advice on:

  • Fertilizer recommendations
  • Best planting and harvest dates
  • Best planting practices
  • Cassava-maize or cassava-sweet potato intercrop.

Advice can be accessed in different ways
AKILIMO provides advice to users in three different ways depending on their preference:

  • In app (default option)
  • As free SMS text if the phone number is provided
  • Via email, if email address is provided

Evidence Based and validated
Crop response to the environment, farming practices and input is modelled using +5,000 field yield measurements from five countries (Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC) and several agro-ecologies and seasons.

Throughout the development phase, AKILIMO advice was put to test against field observations. Models were recalibrated based on learnings from these extensive validation trials which make AKILIMO unique and robust among other similar products.

Farmer’s knowledge
The powerful piece of information that makes the AKILIMO advice stand out in its accuracy is the use of farm-level productivity indicators. Given the currently available soil and weather data are not sufficient to characterize farm-level productivity, we augment the gap by the smart approach of getting farm-level productivity indicators and processing this information in the machine learning techniques we use.

We gather this information from every individual user through asking questions farmers can easily relate assisted with a visual representation of yield.

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