Project Synergy Through Harmonized Activities

Project Synergy Through Harmonized Activities

The African Cassava Agronomy Initiative, ACAI, project implementation in close collaboration with partners gives importance to the uniformity of project activities to harmonize the processes and the progress of the project, within the ACAI team and partners.

Through regular trainings, project management meetings and synchronized data management systems, ACAI keeps all stakeholders abreast of the project critical path.

ACAI’s Open Data Kit, ODK, provides a central repository for project teams to upload, curate and access data for comparative analysis. Researchers have also developed protocols for field trial management and sample processing.

Trainings form an important component of the project’s capacity enhancement and knowledge exchange. At the research stage of ACAI, scientist from IITA have organized trainings on analysis of scientific data using R, laboratory processes, destructive and non-destructive field monitoring, soil and plant sample collection as well as trial management.

Team interaction and sharing of experiences in the ACAI project are carried on through the project management tool ASANA and open discussions.  ACAI project trails are spread across Tanzania’s Lake Zone, Southern Zone, Eastern Zone and on both Islands of the Zanzibar archipelago. In Nigeria, the project activities are in the South East and South West of the country with demonstration plots within the IITA Ibadan campus.